Zamość Poland
Zamość Poland
Zamość Poland

About Zamość Poland

The Zamość relationship was formally established by Mayor Linda Kavanagh on June 28, 2014.


Zamość, a unique example of a Renaissance town in Central Europe, was founded in the 16th century by chancellor Jan Zamoysky with state-of-the-art Italian architectural brilliance and is called the “ideal town” for its colorful venues, bustling amphitheaters, and long-lasting military history.


Preserved as a UNESCO heritage site, Zamość and its surrounding areas are home to genial wildlife and forests of which are incredibly uncommon on the entire continent. Business is booming with recent renovations of historical buildings and constant tourism, one can expect a very warm and hospitable welcome.


Zamość, with a population of 66,000, 4 high schools, a music school, and a Higher School of Vocational Education is home to numerous restaurants, theaters, symphonies, hotels, shopping mall – “Galeria”, a beautiful city park and even a zoo.


The unique culture of Zamość continues to flourish, with beautiful plays, concerts, and dances that occur in the town square on a regular basis. The Old Town and the remnants of the old Zamość Fortress constitute an urban complex inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Zamosc is a great base for a vacation in the adjacent Roztocze region. Within a dozen kilometers of the town you can enjoy the beauty of the Roztocze National Park as well as five other scenic parks. These unspoiled open spaces offer many possibilities to relax, hike and to take short bicycle rides. During the spring and summer, Zamosc holds a number of cultural, sports and trade events, making it even more attractive to visitors. Most of these events take place in the Great Square.


Zamość prides itself in the long history of educational services. The Zamojski Academy (1594–1784) was an academy founded in 1594 by Polish Crown Chancellor Jan Zamoyski. It was the third institution of higher education to be founded in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The present-day I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Jana Zamoyskiego is one of several secondary schools in Zamość.

  • Student Exchange

    Fountain Hills High School students travelled to Zamosc, and Zamosc students travelled to Fountain Hills to share in a bilateral student exchange

  • Educator Exchange

    During the student exchange, educators from Fountain Hills and Zamosc shared academic methods and knowledge to improve their classroom results

  • Humanitarian Aid

    FHSC provided a means for its members to donate money and articles, as well as hosted fund-raising events to provide much needed humanitarian supplies to our sister city Zamosc, Poland who felt the effects of the refugee exodus from the devastating war in Ukraine.

  • Tourism

    Adult trips to Zamosc involved experiencing local culture, history, food, and architecture

  • Citizen Diplomacy

    Municipal exchanges occurred between city leaders and citizens of both Zamosc and Fountain Hills where their experience solidified international relations and connection

Gallery of Zamość Trips

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