What We Do

We facilitate and participate in inter-community exchanges with our international partner cities.
We promote harmony and awareness of our common human experience.

Our Mission

Mission and Action Cogwheels

We are a dedicated group of volunteers, operating a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that seek to promote peace, hope, and human connections through citizen diplomacy. As part of that mission, we identify and select international partner cities that share Fountain Hill’s community values, family heritage, as well as cultural, geographic, and demographic similarities. And then we work to establish city-to-city partnership agreements that enable and foster inter-community exchanges of the types listed below.  Exchanges of ideas and actions are key, as they establish and promote the common good of Fountain Hills, and its chosen partner cities. These mutually beneficial city-to-city relationships, maintained through bi-directional exchanges between Fountain Hills and our partner cities, are intended to last a lifetime and promote cross-boundary improvement of the human condition, with awareness and appreciation of our collective international community being the outcome. A shared respect beyond what governments alone can achieve.

Our Mission in Action

We facilitate and participate in these inter-community exchanges with our international partner cities.

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Community Development


Volunteer work helping our partner communities with critical infrastructure builds associated with natural or human disasters.

Student Exchange


High school age students, along with parent chaperones participate in 2 week excursions to and from our partner cities.

Educator Exchange


During student exchanges, educators between the partner cities share in discussions of best practices for youth education.

Humanitarian Aid


Fund raising efforts engage the Fountain Hills community to help our partner cities in their times of desperate need. 



Adult tours of foreign nations are routinely planned to allow FHSC members to experience the mutual benefit of international cultural awareness.

Art and Culture


Partner cities often influence and share in the strong affinity Fountain Hills has for understanding international art and culture. Local festivals and events showcase this desire.

Citizen Diplomacy


Students and FHSC members get to share in an understanding of international diplomatic relations working closely with the many civic leaders represented in Fountain Hills and our partner cities.

Your generous donations, memberships, business sponsorships, and public fundraising allows us to facilitate these mutually beneficial exchanges with our partner cities.

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