Donations for Ataco

On March 6, 7 and 8 Mayor Gomez from our Sister City in Ataco, El Salvador visited Fountain Hills with the Sister Cities organization. Mayor Gomez enjoyed touring and a presentation of Ft.McDowell history presented by Dr. Bill Myhr. Mayor Gomez also had the opportunity to see our High School facilities and programs and he enjoyed a visit with Town Manager Grady Miller. It was a short trip and one filled with good information to take back to our friends in Ataco.

The Sister Cities team learned more about Ataco, the beauty of the area and the needs of our friends that live there. Many families earn their living by working the coffee plantations, which is  a major source of income for them The recent decline if coffee prices in the market has left many families without income and a means to meet their basic daily food. Sister Cities and friends gifted $5,200 to our friends in Ataco so that the immediate food need could be met. To service the needed meals for the families, food packages are available at a cost of $10 that will serve a family of four about 15 days. We are happy to share some of the pictures of this wonderful work in progress. Stay tuned on further updates. 

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